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Coins and currency are collected all over the world and most are comprised of common and precious metals such as copper, nickel, silver and gold.

Each coin has a standard weight and is typically made in bulk quantities. In some cases, the face value of a coin can become lower than the actual metal it’s made of and this is the case with older North American currency. For this reason coins from certain years which have appreciated in value become withdrawn from circulation and melted down. Some old coins however, that are no longer used in circulation, and are hard to come by - become very attractive to collectors and sold at high prices.

Having a coin grader evaluate your collection will ensure you are paid the best price for your collection. We take into consideration the condition and grade, the value of the composition, and also the sometimes exponential collector value and pay you based on the true market value.

Sell Your Coin Collection for What Its Really Worth

For over 30 years we have been a trusted source for collectors and inheritants of collections who want to sell their coins. Our ability to professionally grade and evaluate your collection makes us Ontario’s leading choice as coin buyers.

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