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At TJ Traders, we evaluate each individual item to determine the current market value and we base our competitive pricing on variables that contribute to the "true" resale value.



News & Articles

Heirlooms: Keep Them or Sell Them?

Heirlooms can be worth their weight in gold; or their value can be nothing more than the sentiment they hold.

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Time to Grow Up! Sell Your Mantiques!

You know the kind of stuff we're talking about. The stuff you hand-picked just knowing you were the coolest of the cool.

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Pawn Shops and Cash for Gold Shops Aren’t Your Best Bet

You might think that cash for gold stores or pawn shops are the only card you have to play, but we have a better option that will put more cash in your hands.

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Heads or Tails? How to Get the Most from Your Coin Collection

Getting the most from your numismatic collection doesn’t simply come down to luck!

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So, you’ve inherited an Estate... Now What?

Having inherited an estate from a relative, what do you do with the contents of the property?

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We're Not Just Looking For a Rolex - Sell Your Valuable Watch

Rolex, Patek, Vintage Cartier and Bulova are just a few of the luxury watches that we are interested in evaluating and purchasing.

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Getting Money for Grandma’s Figurines

Grandma’s old ceramic figurines might be worth more than you think. Here are a couple of tips on getting to know if Grandma’s figurines can get you a pocket full of cash.

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Top 3 Tips for Selling Grandma’s Silverware

We specialize in buying "Grandma’s good silver", whether you have a full or partial set, we want to hear from you. These top 3 tips can help you get the most out of that inherited collection.

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We Want Your Ill-Fated Jewellery

Is your jewellery box cluttered with old Valentine’s Day gifts that you are no longer are so ‘in love’ with? Do you still have the engagement ring from a past relationship that no longer holds as much promise? We're here to help.

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Spring Cleaning for Cash

While spring is not yet “in the air” here in Toronto while we continue to battle the frigid cold this winter has brought, Spring is in fact upon us and it’s just about time to get started on that annual spring cleaning which means finding your hidden treasure!

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“As hard as it is sometimes, to part with the things you love, its great to know that you are selling to a company like TJ Traders who appreciate the quality of your treasures, pay accordingly, and make your things available to others who will love them as much as you once did ”

C. McIntyre

Burlington ON