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Let’s say you have a few valuable items around your home that you either don’t want any more or are just looking to generate some extra disposable income. You might think that cash for gold stores or pawn shops are the only card you have to play, but we have a better option that will put more cash in your hands. One of the benefits of dealing with those types of establishments is the immediacy of the transaction; you get your money the very same day.

Raising the Stakes

Well, on top of being able to raise the stakes by paying the highest prices in the industry, we will “call” their same day service and “raise” the bar by bringing our expert service right to your door.

Get a Fair Deal

You can’t expect to win if you don’t know the rules. Here is what you need to know in order to ensure you get the best price for the items you are selling. First things first, knowing the true resale value always yields the best payout.

Cash for Gold stores only consider one factor in determining the value, and that is weight. They don’t generally consider the resale value of the piece as a whole, the complexity of a piece of jewelry for example, or the full collector value of a coin.

Pawn shops on the other hand, only consider the liquidation value, because they operate on a high turnover. Just because an item isn’t likely to be a quick sale doesn’t mean it isn’t worth the wait. Knowing the supply and demand for a piece, the current competition, the desirability of the style, etc. can really affect how much you can expect to receive when you resell an item.

Getting the opinion of a certified appraiser who is familiar with the resale value can help to protect your assets. House call appraisal services, like the one offered by TJ Traders, bridge the gap between the convenience of immediacy and the protection of value, and they can even pay cash on the spot when the price is agreed upon.

We’re Calling Their Bluff

With certified appraisers, you know you are being given a professional service and quotes that you can trust. This kind of trust is hard earned, and deserved, and one that pawn brokers cannot usually boast. If a buyer asks you ‘how much do you want for it?’, as happens very frequently with pawn shops, alarm bells should be ringing. A professional appraiser won’t ask questions designed to paint you into a corner. We give you an honest price based on the current market value.

Don’t play roulette with your valuables. Take the safe bet and get an expert opinion.

Got a Full House?

Don’t risk knocking over your house of cards to get your merchandise onto the dealers table. Our team of highly trained, and certified, professional property appraisers will come to you and evaluate a wide variety of estate merchandise such as China, Crystal, Silverware, Figurines, Fine Art, Coins, Jewellery, Gold , Silver, Militaria and more! Our appraisers will determine the current market value and make a cash offer the same day!

With that in mind, why not give us a call today and speak to one of our certified appraisers to see exactly how we can help you with your collections or estate.


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