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Dear TJ Traders,

The days of formal dinners and tea parties are not only less frequent these days, but pretty much non-existent. Memories of going to Grandma’s house every Easter and seeing all of her beautiful silverware and fancy accessories rush back to me every time I open the wooden case. It just looks so pretty in there, shining against the blue velvet lining – at least it does when it’s polished… but I must admit, it definitely doesn’t shine like it used to. I simply don’t have time to give them the attention they deserve. My grandmother used to polish them once a week – but she didn’t have a full time job to take up her time like I do.

Although I am truly grateful for this beautiful gift,because of how much it meant to her,I just can’t see myself ever using it. I simply don’t host the types of events that she did, and I don’t have the time or even the desire to spend my free time polishing it. I’d really like to find a loving home for this set where it can be properly cared for and appreciated. Is that what you do?

- Suzy Q

Dear Suzy Q,

You have come to the right place. Here at TJ Traders, we specialize in “Grandma’s’ silver”.

We are certified appraisers with over 30 years of experience and we are experts in antiques, collectibles, and formal dinnerware. We have seen our fair share of both shiny and tarnished flatware sets – and we have customers for both sterling and silver plate cutlery. Whether you have a full or partial set - we want to hear from you.

Although memories are priceless, we can definitely put a price tag on your silver – and we think you’ll like the number. If you’re thinking it’s time to dust off that old wooden case and give Grandma’s flatware a new lease on life – while earning a little extra cash to afford yourself the opportunity to purchase something you might actually use – then we can definitely help.

Ready to get started? Here are our Top 3 Tips on how to prepare yourself and your flatware!

1. Make sure your silver flatware is the real deal.

We’re not saying Grandma didn’t tell you the truth in saying it was silver, we just need the details to help us prepare for the appointment, and knowing what you have will help to ensure that your expectations of value are in line with the current market value. We buy both, but there is a huge difference in value between sterling silver and silver plate. Have a look on the back of one of the larger pieces, such as a dinner fork (knives are often unmarked) and make note of any hallmarks which could include words, letters, numbers, or symbols – as well as any information about the manufacturer or the pattern.

2. Don’t Waste Another Second on Polishing.

We won’t judge. We know that silver tarnishes and we pay the same price for tarnished silver as we do for polished silver. Trust us - a little “patina” will not adversely affect the price at all - and in some cases, where the item would have value for its antiquity in addition to the composition - polishing can actually be detrimental to the value. Leave the dirty work to us and rid yourself of that daunting task for good.

3. Get the best price for your Silver.

We take all factors which affect value into consideration when evaluating silver. These factors include the manufacturer, the pattern, the condition, any variations, the sizes, and the marks – in addition to the weight and composition – as all of these can all add to the value of the set.

Ready to Sell? We make it Easy.

Our Certified Appraisers will bring our expert service right to your door. We will never ask you to take risks with your valuables, such as sending them by mail or leaving them with a stranger. We will come directly to you to evaluate items you wish to sell, and provide you with an estimate and an offer on the spot! Call Us Today!

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