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There is seldom anything more beautiful, yet functional, that can come into a person’s life and be worn with such effortless ease as a luxury watch. It is said that every man needs certain things in order to become a gentleman (or dress like one, at any rate):

  • A suit
  • A belt
  • 2 pairs of shoes - one black, one brown
  • A nice watch

If the clothes make the man, a watch provides the glue that holds him together in some semblance of natural order and composition. Watches are the ultimate style accessory, once seen as an indicator of a man’s ‘worth’, they are still looked upon with a certain reverence even today.

The classic watch is being replaced, however slowly, with more and more people turning to luxury smart watches instead. There is nothing wrong with that, and today’s smart watch has just as much art and beauty associated with it as a more traditional timepiece.

If you are one of the many watch appreciators that is looking at the new luxury digital market, then what to do with your old timepiece? Allowing it to gather dust in a drawer is not a dignified end for something so beautiful, so why not make someone else as happy as you were?

A Brief History of Time(pieces)

It is believed, though to date not proven, that the humble wristwatch grew to popularity during the First World War. Soldiers and airmen found it so much more convenient, and safer, to have the watch in their wrist so they did not have to fumble around pockets and jackets while politely asking the enemy to wait a moment while they checked the time.

Up until the war, pocket watches were for men and wristwatches were worn by women. Of course, it was not long before it became de rigueur and everyone was wearing one. Within ten years, the wristwatch was officially a ‘thing’. One of the very first wristwatches was made by the Swiss watchmaker, Cartier in 1911.

These early Cartier pieces are very collectable and you could be looking at several thousand dollars each (perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars).

Time is Precious

The phrase ‘time is precious’ has never been more accurate than when referring to wrist and pocket watches. Did you know that an Oyster Daytona Rolex sold for more than $1 million, simply because it was called the ‘Paul Newman’ model? It wasn’t even worn by the actor!

If you think that is a lot, how about a $25m Chopard? Twentyfive. Million. Dollars. For a watch.

While these examples are not typical, and the average watch owner is not likely to be sitting on a luxury retirement plan – there could be some collector value you may not be aware of, and we have the right knowledge, expertise, and customer database to help you cash it in for a great price.

Give Your Luxury Watch a New Lease on Life

Whoever crafted your luxury watch, we can find a buyer for your timepiece and allow the watch to be enjoyed for many more years to come. And that is the beauty of a genuine luxury watch - its longevity. Properly maintained and looked after, a vintage watch can last several lifetimes and still keep perfect time.

The collectors that we work with are interested in your watch if it is a vintage, luxury watch that has been very well looked after and hopefully has its serial number clearly visible. As Aston Martin are not the final word in luxury cars, neither is Rolex the only luxury watch - and certainly not the only luxury watch that we could be interested in.

Rolex, Patek, Vintage Cartier and Bulova are just a few of the luxury watches that we are interested in evaluating and purchasing. Our team of professional, certified appraisers have over 30 years of experience with vintage watches and other estate items.

Allow us to evaluate your watch for you, find it a new home, and fill that spot in your pocket with some well-deserved cash. Contact us today for more details on how out to schedule an appointment with one of our experts.

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