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Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Whether it’s a strand of pearls worn by every lady in the family for countless generations; Or perhaps a pocket watch, having kept a man on time for all of the most memorable events throughout his life. Each story, unique unto itself, is filled with the emotion of circumstance, memory and simple beauty.

However, not all jewellery is full of such sentiment. What about that old jewellery you tucked away in a drawer somewhere, never to be worn again?

Cluttered Jewellery Box?

Is your jewellery box cluttered with old Valentine’s Day gifts that you are no longer are so ‘in love’ with? Do you still have the engagement ring from a past relationship that no longer holds as much promise?

We understand that not all diamonds are forever and not all jewellery holds the same sentiment as was once intended. Maybe the thought of it drudges up memories of a past relationship gone awry, or perhaps you just don’t feel the same way about it as you once did? Whatever the reason – we are here to help.

Sell Us Your Ill-fated or Unappreciated Jewellery

It’s time to take a long hard look at those sad, lonely, or destitute pieces in your jewellery box, and allow them to move on like you have. It’s never too late for your vintage jewellery to start over with someone new.

We have customers for all types of modern, vintage, and antique jewellery – and we are great match makers! Whether its needy necklaces, botched brooches, irresponsible earrings, heart-broken bracelets, or even that old diamond engagement ring that no longer puts the sparkle in your eye - we are sure to find a loving companion who will treat your unappreciated jewellery just right.

Ready to Sell Your Jewellery? We Come to You

Breakups are never easy, but we’re here to ensure that the sale of your unwanted jewellery goes as smoothly as possible. Once you’re finally ready to part with your past, we will bring our appraisal services right to your door. There is no need to send anything by mail, or leave your valuables with strangers. Our certified appraisers will bring our expert service to your home, office, bank, or local coffee shop.

We’re Not a Pawn Shop

Unlike pawnshops, we are discreet, professional, and certified - always prepared to offer you a fair competitive price based on the current market value. You’re just a phone call or a click away from getting you the most value from your unwanted jewellery. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary assessment.

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