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There’s nothing like finding buried treasure in Grandma’s attic. We’re not talking about her old wedding dress, or a trunk full of old newspapers… we’re talking antique collectables worth cold hard cash. Grandma’s old ceramic figurines might be worth more than you think. Here are a couple of tips on getting to know if Grandma’s figurines can get you a pocket full of cash.

Certificates and Makers’ Marks

Most figurines have a maker’s mark. Commonly, these specific markings are found on the base. This mark can determine the age of the piece, the company that produced it, the country of origin and sometimes, even the name of the finishing artist. Along with an authenticity certificate the piece has originally come with, this marking can tell us a lot and can help us determine whether TJ Traders can assist with the sale of a collection.

Figurine Condition

Did Grandma do a good job of storing her treasures? Ceramic figurines are best kept safe stored in their boxes – however that does not contribute to their enjoyment and hopefully they achieved a more prominent display location. Even if Grandma wasn’t exactly a bull in a china shop… even the slightest impact can cause damage. Keep in mind that any chips, cracks, crazing or repairs can detract substantially or eliminate the resale value of the pieces, so do be extra careful in handling them. The boxes are also important to collectors, so if you have them – it is best to keep them as we can offer a more competitive price for pieces with their boxes if at all possible.

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Whether you’re completely unsure of what you’ve found or are ecstatic to cash in on something you believe to be substantial, we want to hear from you. TJ Traders has been trading cash for collectibles such as figurines for over 30 years. Our certified appraisers are experts in a wide range of collectibles just like ‘Grandma’s figurines’.

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