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In the process of turning a house into a home, we tend to accumulate a lot of items - and this continues for the lifetime of the home, and of that of the owner. What one person may call clutter, another may see as undiscovered treasure.

Having inherited an estate from a relative, what do you do with the contents of the property? After you have had a chance to walk through the property, reliving memories and perhaps selecting a few items as reminders of your loved one, you may come to the decision of selling the contents.

This may seem a little macabre, especially if you were particularly close with the departed – but you need not feel uncomfortable. We simply don’t live the same lifestyles as our predecessors. There may no longer space for large china cabinets and display cases in the tighter quarters where we live, any interest in formal entertaining, or time for polishing silver; Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that many of us simply don’t have a purpose or even appreciation for the same collections as generations before us.

Once you have decided what items should be kept in the family, or set aside for other sentimental reasons, it is time to decide what do with the rest of the property contents, and selling the contents of an estate is easier said than done.

So where do you start? Simple. Start with us.

Here at TJTraders, we have certified appraisers that can come out to you and evaluate the contents of the inherited estate. You don’t have to worry about the classification of the contents, as we can appraise a wide range of items.

Selling personal property can pose a slew of challenges because you may not know what has value, what is collectible, what will sell for what price, and what you may be left with despite every effort to find a buyer.

For example, you might not know that Pianos are a niche market and require specialty moving companies just to transport them, let alone find a buyer – or that “painting” by a famous artist is really just a print.

We can help you determine what is valuable, collectible, authentic, or unsaleable so you have the information you need to take the next steps and determine what to sell, where to sell and how much you can expect to receive for the items you have.

We don’t just appraise estate contents; we also evaluate collections for the purpose of selling and will make an offer based on the current market value for any items we have customers for!

The following are just a few examples of items we have a strong demand for:

Our certified appraisers can make an appointment with you to view the items, and we can even take them away right then and there.

With over 30 years of experience, we are experts in the assessment of a wide range of estate contents.

Many of us will find ourselves in this situation at one time or another, and it is our goal to make the whole process as quick and stress free as we possibly ca – which is why we bring our expert to you.

We will come to the location where the items are to evaluate your collections all throughout the GTA and surrounding areas!

Contact us today to arrange an in home evaluation with a certified personal property appraiser.

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